Alucobond® A2 For more Structural Safety.

ALUCOBOND® A2 meets the highest requirements of the fire regulations and is therefore the ideal material
for all areas where fire protection plays an important role – be it for high-rise or industrial buildings,
public buildings, hospitals, hotels, tunnels or underground stations. Furthermore, with its proven product
and processing properties, ALUCOBOND® A2 offers architects and designers unlimited opportunities for
realising their ideas.

ALUCOBOND® A2, as indeed all the products of the ALUCOBOND® family, allows simple processing,
is impact-resistant, break-proof and weatherproof.

Fire Behaviour
ALUCOBOND® A2 composite panels are inflammable and do not actively contribute to combustion.
During the life cycle of ALUCOBOND® A2 composite panels, no environmentally hazardous
substances are set free at any time and no toxic fumes are developed in the case of fire.

  • Advanced FR Panel
  • Codemark Certified
  • Generates no harmful gases in case of Fire
  • Suitable for Fire Risk areas with limited Fire Brigade access
  • Lightweight, Flexural Strength, Perfect Flatness – Low Cost for Substructures and Fasteners
  • Long Life Span – Weatherproof, Easy to Clean
  • Noise and Vibration-Damping – No additional Sound-Damping needed
  • Available in 4mm as Standard, 3mm and 6mm Custom Thickness
  • Extensive Range of Standard Contemporary Colours
  • Custom and Corporate Colours on Request
  • Liscenced Installation Superior to Manufacturer and Australian Building Standards by Vision Clad Australia
  • Established Reputation for Quality based on results from Australian Building Projects
  • 10 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • 10 Year Installation Warranty when installed by Vision Clad Australia

Product dimensions
Colour Options
  • Solid Colours
  • Metallic Colours
  • Sparkling Colours
  • Spectra Colours
  • Natural Colours
  • Urban Design Colours
  • Anodized Look Colours
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IMPORTANT: Contact Vision Clad Australia for Product Colour, Sheet Size and Availability, prior to Plan Drawings