Terracade Facade Systems
Architectural innovation has never been so easy with the introduction of the Terraçade terracotta façade
system, exclusively distributed by Alucobond Architectural in Australia. Available in a range of natural colours
and providing a high durability finish, the Terracade system is revolutionising exteriors across Australia.
The unique design of Terracade allows it to be used on buildings up to 40-storeys high. The natural properties of
terracotta ensure durability, colour fastness and a life-long, maintenance-free finish.


The beauty and longevity of real terracotta is the perfect construction accompaniment to the natural environment. Its earthy
tones make a statement alone or in combination, mixing and matching with effortless elegance. Architects and builders alike
will revel in Terraçade TN’s versatility. The façade system doesn’t just perform well on new structures – refurbishment of exist
-ing buildings is simple, immediately improving thermal qualities and moisture protection.

Terraçade TN has been designed in consultation with Australia’s leading engineers to act as a rain screen and ventilated
façade system. It is a lightweight system and is simple to install. The combination of the natural, durable properties of terra
-cotta and the system’s modern appeal make Terraçade TN an ideal choice for architectural and residential projects no matter
what size. With a choice of six natural clay colours to suit any construction, Terraçade TN will add a creative and individual fi
nish to your project, large or small.


Designed in consultation with one of Australia’s leading architects, Terraçade XP is simple and easy to install, suitable for
major architectural developments or custom designed projects. The Terraçade XP tile available in a range of natural earthy
colours and two different profi les, acts as part of a rain screen over a water proofed and drained structural wall. The system
has been fully tested for structural performance and for static and dynamic water penetration. Terraçade XP can be used in
cyclonic regins as it has been successfully tested at the Cyclone Testing Station.

  • Natural Clay Product
  • Australian Made
  • Fully Permeated with Colour
  • Thermal Insulation Properties
  • Excellent Range of Natural Colours
  • Resistant to Frost, Corrosion, Dye and Light
  • Recyclable
  • Fast Installation
  • Liscenced Installation Superior to Manufacturer and Australian Building Standards by Vision Clad Australia
  • 10 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • 10 Year Installation Warranty when installed by Vision Clad Australia
Product dimensions
Colour Options
  • Natural Colours
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