Terreal Terracotta Facade - Beautiful, Versatile and Sustainable

Alucobond Architectural recently announced the addition of Terreal terracotta facade products to its range
of architectural and building materials, securing exclusive distribution rights in Australia for the renowned
European brand. The Paris-based company manufactures terracotta products for roofing, facades and decorative
building projects, including ventilated facades, sunscreens and acoustic facades specifi ed by leading architects
the world over.

The Terreal product range provides greater flexibility to architects and designers. With the option of longer tiles, a wider
colour range and a selection of sunscreen options including baguettes and louvers, Alucobond Architectural can ensure we
offer the complete package in terracotta building materials. Blending the industrial tradition of terracotta with modern
technology to develop innovative, aesthetically pleasing and high-performance building solutions, Terreal has been a major
player in the revival of terracotta in contemporary architecture.

With a range of colours, surfaces and formats that are designed to protect and last, Terreal’s building materials are ideal for
use in both the construction of new buildings and the redesign of
existing structures, large or small. Easy to maintain and 100 percent recyclable, the Terreal range not only offers sustainability
advantages, it also carries a 15-year warranty in Australia.


Ventilated Facades: Zephir Evolution / Maestral / Piterak Slim / Piterak XS
Sunscreens: Autan / Harmattan / Zonda XL / Shamai
Acoustic Claddings: Phoniceram / Phonbrik / Acoustic Shingle / Acoustic Brick
Bricks and Brick Slips

  • Natural Clay Product
  • European Quality
  • Fully Permeated with Colour
  • Thermal Insulation Properties
  • Extensive Range of Colours
  • Resistant to Frost, Corrosion, Dye and Light
  • Recyclable
  • Fast Installation
  • Liscenced Installation Superior to Manufacturer and Australian Building Standards by Vision Clad Australia
  • 15 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • 10 Year Installation Warranty when installed by Vision Clad Australia
Product dimensions (Ventilated Facade)
Colour Options
  • Natutal Earth Colours and Range of Finishes (Smooth/Glazed/Sanded)
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IMPORTANT: Contact Vision Clad Australia for Product Colour, Sheet Size and Availability, prior to Plan Drawings