Vision Clad Australia provide a complete range of Services to assist
Architects, Planners, Builders and Owner Builders to realise the potential of
their concepts, incorporating Architectural Composite Panel products into
the most outstanding Building Projects.

Vision Clad Australia provide genuine advice and assist all of our clients with their Projects, from the initial Planning stage
throughout the entire process to Product Installion and Project Completion. At Vision Clad Australia - every Client is
important to us, each concept is unique and every Project is considered individually and overseen by one of the experienced
Vision Clad Australia partners. Our focus is on Customer Service and we are dedicated to maintaining our philosophy of
providing Quality Architectural Panel Solutions.

In addition to providing comprehensie advice on all aspects of Architectural Composite Panel Design, Fabrication, Frame
Construct and installation, Vision Clad Australia offers the following Services.

Pre Construction Detailing

With an emphasis on attention to detail, Vision Clad Australia meticulously review every Building Project and accurately
determine all material and product requirements to successfully ensure a Quality Result. Vision Clad Australia provide
comprehensive Pre Construct Detailing, to specify the correct Product, the most appropriate form of Architectural Composite
Panel Frame Construct and Fixing Detail Methods.

Design, Planning, Product, Fabrication, Frame Construct, Fixing, Sealing and Maintenance Programme Specifications are all
part of the process.

Professional Design/Drafting

Vision Clad Australia offer a Professional Design/Drafting Service to assist with preparing Plans specific to a range of
Architectural Composite Panel Products being considered for any particular Building Project. Vision Clad Australia has a
Highly Trained Professional Design/Drafting Team, working with the latest Industry-Specific Computer Systems and Software.

Combining the Practical Industry experience of the Vision Clad Australia Partners along with the Talents and Technology of
the Vision Clad Australia Design/Drafting Team, ensures that the most Creative Ideas and Building Concepts from our Clients
can be transformed into an impressive Reality.

CNC Automated Routering

Transforming a Flat Sheet of Architectural Composite Material into a work of art as an integral part of a Building facade,
requires the Talents of Very Skillful Craftsmen combined with precision High Tech, Computer based Tools and Machinery.
Vision Clad Australia have invested in the most contemporary machinery to cater for the most complex Architectural
Composite Panel solutions. Vision Clad Australia provides a complete CNC Routering Sevice to Cut, Groove and Shape
Architectural Composite Panels to form the required Profile to suit any Construct Situation. Routering is performed precisely
to the millimeter and in a Seamless process from our Design/Drafting Team Softwre File directly to the Router itself.

Project Management

Having extensive Trade experience in the Fabrication and Installation of Architectural Composite Panels is the pre-requisite to
providing the Highest Quality Project management.

Vision Clad Australia manage each Project from initial Concept to Building Completion. Liasing with Architects , Builders,
Contractors and Vision Clad Australia Craftsmen throughout every stage of the Construction process.

Comprehensive Project Management carried out conscienciously by an experienced Vision Clad Australia Partner,
providing a consistant Client contact for each individual project - is the key to providing the Service and achieving the Quality
that Vision Clad Australia have built a reputation on.

Facade Cleaning and Restoration

To ensure Building Owners comply with Panel Manufacturer and Distributor Warranty, Vision Clad Australia provide Facade
Cleaning and Restoration Services as part of an overall Vision Clad Australia Facade Maintenence Program, in accordance
with Manufacturer Cleaning and Maintenence Specifications.