Ultrabond-PRINT Graphic Printed Panel is a graphically printed 4mm thick aluminium composite cladding
comprising of a 3mm fire-rated core sandwiched between two 0.5mm aluminium skins and prefinished on the
front face with an exclusive graphic coating system including the latest technology ink primers, UV cured ink and
an exceptionally durable fluoropolymer clear-coat.

Providing incredible design possibilities for architectural cladding applications Ultrabond-PRINT Graphic Printed Panel can be
folded, curved and shaped into various size cassette panels which are then mechanically fixed to a top-hat framing system
creating a fully wrapped building envelope which requires no onsite painting and virtually no ongoing maintenance.

With Ultrabond-PRINT Graphic Printed Panel it is not only possible to create endless possible cladding finishes such as wood-
look, stone-look and repeating patterns but it is even possible to create images as large as your building by making each
cladding panel a small section of a much larger image.

  • Codemark Certified Ultrabond-ACM Base Panel
  • Unlimited Graphic Possibilities
  • Advanced 3-Coat Printing System with Fluoropolymer Clear-Coat
  • Latest Technology UV Cured Ink
  • Excellent Durability
  • Secret-Fix Installation System
  • Create Whole Walls of Patterns or Images
  • Fire-Rated Core
  • Excellent Reputation for Quality and Customer Service
  • Liscenced Installation Superior to Manufacturer and Australian Building Standards by Vision Clad Australia
  • 10 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • 10 Year Installation Warranty when installed by Vision Clad Australia
Product dimensions
Colour Options

Ultrabond-PRINT Unlimited Graphic Designs

  • As per Artwork Supplied
  • Please provide Elevations showing Panel Numbers
  • Please provide Seperate Numbered Artwork Files for each Panel Cropped to the Required Size
  • Please allow 20mm Bleed on all Panel Sides for Cassette Returns
  • Please allow for 14mm Joints between Adjoining Panels
  • Z-Angle Cassette Panels [Secret-Fix]
  • Colour-Matched Screws or Rivets [With Rolled Panel Edges]
  • Ultrafi x Standard Top-Hat Framing System
  • Curtain Wall Application

IMPORTANT: Contact Vision Clad Australia for Product Colour, Sheet Size and Availability, prior to Plan Drawings

DISCLAIMER: It is the Project Builders – Clients - Private Certifier’s responsibility to confirm if the materials specified are compliant for the intended purpose it has been detailed and designed for.